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Freelift Van Gogh curved stairlift


The Freelift Van Gogh seat is covered in leather-grain polyurethane and is easy to clean. The seat and backrest are ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort. The seat swivels smoothly to enable you to get on and off easily. The retractable belt automatically adjusts to the required length and retracts after use. The footrest and armrests will fold away to save space when the stairlift is not in use. The Classic seat has a lifting capacity of max. 125 kg.
It is easy to operate with a handy joystick and a key to prevent unauthorised use. You have the choice of four colours and the following options:
’Auto swivel’:
Easy to get off as the seat automatically turns towards the landing.
The seat turns back again automatically after use.
Easy to operate via simple joystick control.
‘Footrest linkage’:
Enables you to fold away the footrest in one smooth and simple action without bending down.
Create more room on the stairs with a single motion.

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