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Access Vector


More and more people are trying to make their buildings accessible for all. Previous solutions to overcome barriers to wheelchair users often involved major building alterations, and the installation of expensive, traditional elevators or huge ugly ramp systems. These ineffective solutions are no longer necessary.
The Vector is a vertical platform lift, especially designed to easily fit into your building. You don't even need to dig a deep pit in the floor; and, although we do recommend a 5 cm recess, a drive up ramp is an option.

The Vector has proven to be a very safe design and meets all the demands of today. The Vector is a platform lift, a shaft and an engine room all in one, making installation simple, without requiring any major structural alterations or drastic architectural adaptations. The standard carrying capacity is 400 kg and this can be upgraded to 630 kg. Operating in some countries up to 9 m high, the safety features include "hold to run" controls and an operating speed of 0.15 m/s.


For every type of building.
The moving platform is enclosed on all sides so there is no danger to other people in the vicinity. The platform size can be varied - the standard lift occupies little more than 2 square metres. Above all, a lift should be pleasant to use and should integrate with the building design. The Vector has an open character with optional glass walls or additional glazed door panels creating a feeling of spaciousness and comfort, despite the modest dimensions. The opening of the door can be varied from floor to floor on any of three sides.

Easy to use - no special operator. Operation is safe and easy, requiring no special training or attendant operator. Additional security locking is available when required by the owner - for instance to prevent unauthorised use in public areas. The lift is called by push button. The platform features a permanently illuminated instrument panel, with clear operating instructions and is located within every passenger's reach. Door opening may be power assisted whilst the doors are self closing, as standard.

Your safety. All our lifts, large and small, satisfy the most demanding safety requirements. The Vector is designed to satisfy relevant European safety regulations as a matter of course. Our safety measures include a lift platform constructed from high-quality steel, equipped with anti-slip mat and safety edges which stop the lift if they meet an obstruction. The Vector only moves if destination buttons are being pressed, it runs at a steady, controlled speed and can be lowered manually in the event of power failure. The operating panel features an alarm button, emergency stop button and emergency lighting.

Finishing touches. Doors and doorposts are painted as standard in white powder coating. The other shaft panels are coated with primer. The shaft panel and doors can be delivered in the RAL-colour of your choice. Doors are available in a variety of models, including a standard window on the top, an optional larger window or a fire-resistant version. You also may have the choice of a half door with a window option for the best finish at the top level. Glazed panels can be fitted to the shaft sides.

Other options include:

  • Increased carrying capacity to 630 kg
  • Automatic door openers
  • School locking
  • Different platform sizes in length (128 or 198 cm) or width (90 or 110 cm)
  • Door on the long side of the shaft
  • Fold-up seat
  • Automatic emergency lowering

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