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Hydraulic platform lift to be installed in a masonry shaft.

Orion is a vertical platform lift, which can be installed in a standard-build shaft way, with a minimum pit depth of 8 cm.
The hydraulic lifting system is energy efficient. The width of the platform can be tailored to your needs, from 66 cm to a maximum of 180 cm.
Thanks to its innovative design, Orion is both quick and easy to install. The quality of materials used, as well as the large range of colours and finishes available, make Orion integrate perfectly into the surroundings.
Built in strict conformity with all current European norms, Orion is safe and reliable. It is certified to CE, IMQ and TÜV.


The Orion platform lift is the result of our extensive experience.
Once you are inside it you can move easily from one floor to the next. It enhances your home or your place of business. It brings a new level of quality to your life.

Custom made solutions.Engineered and designed to be installed either in public buildings or in your home, either indoors or outdoors,, the Orion can be installed in very small spaces, from a minimum of 66cm.

Easy to install and use.The special assembly system allows the Orion to be installed in just a few days. As far as the person using the platform is concerned, just a push of the button and up you go, without difficulty or stress.

Eye for detail and reliability.Designed and custom-built, the Orion can be adapted to any space. The hydraulic lifting system ensures the utmost comfort and safety. Its careful design offers the utmost reliability and safety in any conditions.

Standard features.

  • Capacity - max 300kg
  • Stops - max 5
  • Travel - max 15.1m
  • Pit - 80mm to 100mm
  • Speed - 15 cm/s
  • Motor output - max 2.8 KW
  • Power supply - 230 volt 50 Hz
  • Norm compliance - 2006/42/EC
  • Type certificiation - CE and TUV
  • Choice of a fully enclosed cabin (2 or 3 walls) or a platform with or without false ceiling (1 wall)
  • Telephone in cab

Optional features.

The wide range of optional features makes every Orion unique. The following list as well as many other optional features allows maximum personalization of the lift:

  • Brushed stainless steel wall panels
  • Remote controls
  • Access ramp (when there is no pit)
  • Resin box to house the for electrical cabinet and hydraulic pump
  • Folding seat
  • Intercom
  • Panoramic wall (only with a full cabin)
  • Access photocell (only with a full cabin)
  • Safety edges (only with a platform with one wall)

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